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Full Automatic Air Inflation

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    Techincal Parameter
    Applicable : Motocycle, Car, Light, Bus etc
    Display : LCD
    Power : AC220V,50Hz~60Hz
    HP: 18W
    Working Temp : -10~+55°C
    Envirament Temp : -10~+65°C
    Air : Non Corrosive, non flammable compressed air
    Input : Pressure : 0~7Bar/100Psi
    Range : 1~7Bar/15~100Psi
    Resulution : 0,05Bar /0,50Psi
    Accuracy : ±1.0Psi (Under 25°C)
    Size :300x240x80mm
    Dimension : 450X350X150mm
    Net Weight : 4800g
    Gross Weight : 5800g
    Color : Blue
    Standard Accesssories : Portable Support brandket 1 pcs, 2m Cable, Air pipe 10M, screw 3psc, Manual Guarantee card


    Function and Features

    • Automatic self-checking
    • Automatic calibration ofter power turn-on, working form value ZERO
    • Inflation/deflation automatically under the setup value
    • Flash/voice alarm for inflation finished or error
    • Diagnose the type pressure
    • LCD screen display with inflation pressure value/exact value (optional LED light dislpay)
    • Simple installation under cheap cost
    • Applicable for type shop, Auto maintenance, Auto repair Workshop

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